Has profound pain and disembodiment held you back from trusting and truly living?

I work with Soul Conscious, Risk Taking, Courgeous, Sensitive Women to live in their bodies and align with their Truth so they can make the impact they were born to make. I have the ability to sense the truth and align you energetically with your pure potentiality. The outcome is to give you profound healing, embodiment, and an awakening to your true gifts and purpose.

Hi, I'm Helen

I'm a Certified Transformational and Transpersonal Coach specialising in Embodied Empowerment and I have the ability to sense the truth and align you energetically with your true Self and your pure potentiality.

I very much partner with my clients and I hold a really safe space for you to be able to explore and set free the parts of you which have perhaps remained stuck or frozen. The outcome is to give you profound healing, embodiment, and an awakening to your true gifts and purpose.

Embodied Empowerment

* Is the HSP literature helpful up to a point but somehow you're left feeling more alone and isolated as if your spark has gone out?

* Are you exhausted trying to manage both the seemingly opposite drives in you: the sensitive, overthinking, people pleaser and the bodacious, risk taking rebel?

* Are you utterly sick and tired of not being able to speak your truth in the moment?

* Are you fed up of nearly always being successful? Having all these amazing ideas and starting a project, only to to loose interest when the excitement has warn off and feeling deeply frustrated because it feels everyone around you is further on than you?

* Do you spend nearly all your time in your head, checked out of you body, causing you to feel lonely, isolated and helpless? And it's almost too painful to acknowledge that perhaps life is just passing you by?

Then this process will be invaluable for you.
I have an ability to explore the nature of all things in order to reveal the Truth. This then allows us to re-engage you with the truth of who you are energetically resulting in a profound and swift healing process. These sessions are exclusively for soul conscious HSS/HSI female leaders who are devoted to living a self actualised life, who long for deep connection and expression of their truth.

The Discovery Call

A no obligation free initial session to identify the issues. 

Explore & Practice

Experience tuning into your energetic reality in a safe container

The Engagement

Once you are ready we can select a treatment package

Build Connection

A powerful process which realigns you with your truth and power

The Outcome

Go from lack of safety and dispowerment, to living a full, integrated and self-actualised life

Express the Rebel

Self express with strength, impact and purpose from a place of integration

The Outcome

The Outcome

Go from feeling disconnected and powerless to accessing and working with your gifts so you can embrace your true potential and start making the impact you were born to make, for yourself and the world

Let go of being bound by perfectionism, people pleasing, ruminating, and self-sabotage

Harness your profound curosity, creativity and relentless searching for the truth to uncover and align with your true Self

Begin making the impact you were born to make with a sense of strength and wholeness, living in connection with yourself, others, and the Divine

Explore & Practice

Examine current struggles and use tools to reunite the soul and body

Be acknowledged for having got this far, having lived with pain of disconnection and the vicious cycle of living with these two seemingly contradictory traits. 

Practice tried and tested tools to rewire the nervous system so you can start living in your body and feel connected to yourself and to life

Explore & Practice

Build Connection

Build Connection

Build on the embodiment practices to reconnect from a place of wholeness

Reframe how you see yourself; acknowledge and own your sensitivity; create an unshakable bond with yourself and your body

People with both of these traits are designed to walk hand-in-hand with the Divine. Take ownership and give yourself permission to reconnect at this profound level.

Build upon your connection to Self and to life and feel safe reaching out and receiving support from others

Express the Rebel

Burst forth with life and joy as you fully embrace and express your soul's true purpose

Learn to honour yourself and your boundaries while listening to and giving exactly what your HSI and HSS self needs and desires.

Naturally feel more grounded and integrated as you smooth out the intense highs and lows from having expanded your repertoire of how to listen to and feed your HSS and HSI needs and desires

Feel safe to allow love and joy into your life; experience the gifts of having both HSI and HSS, as these traits are the golden ticket to fullfilling on your soul’s true purpose

Express the Rebel

What others are saying!

“The work with Sacha has deeply changed my attitude most importantly to myself, and also to my work and to the world. I was blown away by the depths to which we delved. I fully recommend Sacha as an Embodiment Coach to anyone who feels they have lost their power and their spark. I promise you, it will return!"
Rosie Hilal
Founder of Forge Theatre, Director, Activist, Actor, Artist
"Sacha is very knowledgeable, she has a deep connection with her clients and I felt in very capable hands with her. It has been the most interesting, exciting and revelatory journey. Love has poured into those parts of me that I didn’t know were frozen. Working with her has given me renewed self belief and a sense of possibility and confidence that I can take on and do all the things that I desire to do".
Laura Shimili
Founder & Director of Laura Shimili Photography
"Working with Sacha, I finally had a breakthrough. She held the space for me to "travel" to a place and time of unsolved issues, helped me feel safe and guided me so I could detangle them and emerge knowing and understanding myself so much better. Truly transformational. I am very grateful for this experience ❤️".
Coach & Facilitator

Included in your package

As a part of your time with me I will provide you with a tried and tested daily checklist of aligned actions for you to use that we will create during our sessions together. You will have an ongoing process to refer to exclusively designed to your bespoke needs and desired outcome.

Choose your package

Choose an option that suits you the best.


The Starter

£ 1197
  • 5 Sessions

The Deep Drive

£ 1697
  • 7 Sessions

The Full Monty

£ 2397
  • 12 Sessions

Embodied Empowerment Coach & Speaker

Embodied Empowerment Coach

Sacha Chapman

Founder of Rebel Love Journey

My relationship to the Universe is incredibly personal and Love is the fuel and the meaning behind everything I am and do. When you work at the shadow level  you will transform seeing these two traits as a painful double bind, as something to ‘manage’,  while at best trying  to attain some illusionary balance. Instead, you will experience first-hand the endlessly symbiotic and amplifying nature of these traits and you will realise you naturally possess the ‘Golden Ticket’ to fulfilling on your soul’s purpose. As you progress, you will see it becomes less about the individual traits and more about them providing a powerful vehicle into your own journey into consciousness.
My commitment to aligning myself with the Truth is ultimately driven by my unflinching commitment to  create the deepest, most catalytic space and transmit the most powerful and transformational message for my clients to truly meet themselves in their own pure potentiality. My purpose is to guide gifted High Sensation Seeking, High Sensory Intelligent female leaders on the path from feeling a chronic lack of safety back to their power so they can make the impact they were born to make from a place of embodied empowerment.

Get Your Free Discovery Call

If you would like to book a free no obligation discovery call with me, please go ahead and use the link below. If you can’t find a suitable slot, please email me at sachaelizabethchapman@gmail.com and we will work something out.
I look forward to meeting you. Thank you for your interest and we will speak soon.

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