Why I work with High Sensation Seeking, High Sensory people.

Hello there. My name is Sacha Chapman and I am an embodied empowerment coach and speaker and I specifically work with high sensation seeking high sensory leaders to align with that truth. So, in this video I’m going to be touching on why I am so passionate about working with these people and holding this space for them. And I want to talk about how I work with these people. And also to start an entirely new conversation around this topic and for these people. But first of all, I’m going to talk about the traits themselves, what is the high sensory trait, otherwise known as high sensitivity or HSP. People with this trait pick up significantly more sensory information than somebody who doesn’t have this trait. It’s all about our sensitive nervous system, or very refined nervous system. And we’re picking up everything from micro expressions to body language to tone of voice, energy, we’re extremely intuitive and we’re very, very empathic so we’re kind of like sponges. Therefore because we’re taking so much more information, we can get overstimulated way, way sooner than somebody who isn’t highly sensitive. And we have a very, very rich complex in our lives. We are deeply moved. We feel things so deeply. We’re deeply moved by music by the arts and by the refined things in life but it doesn’t make us wallflowers at all. We’re some of the most determined people on the planet. And we’re very, very purpose driven and yeah, the more I research the high sensory intelligence trait the more I fall in love with it. So what is the high sensation seeking trait? People with this trait tend to be pretty intense. Yeah, intense is our middle name. And we are with ferociously driven. It’s kind of it’s in our bones, right? There’s a kind of curiosity and a ferociousness about how we operate. It’s like everything’s kind of turned up and turned on. So whereas perhaps the somebody with the high sensory traits, they’re curious and they are interested and turned on by the truth. People with the high sensory high sensation seeking trait everything is ramped up. So it’s kind of this like I’m on and on and I’m looking and I’m curious and I ferocious and it’s in my bones and I cannot stop it. We tend to have these kind of big mood swings, so kind of very, very high highs and then very, very low. lows. And it can be pretty exhausting, actually. And you know, you think about the high sensory traits were absorbing so much more information than somebody who isn’t and we get overstimulated more quickly. But people with the high sensation seeking trick we’re actively going out and seeking more sensation so we’re even we’re even more overstimulated. And so yeah, these new mood swings are and this is all before you start working with them, right. Yeah, we’re really turned on and drawn to complex and intense and unusual experiences. And we tend to underestimate the risk. And people find was quite difficult to predict in terms of, we have kind of very kind of contradictory hobbies. Like we might like needlework and also going out raving. We’re kind of hard to put in a box. We can’t stand boredom. Boredom is our worst enemy. And yes, yes. That this ferocious truth seeking is. It’s so it’s so apparent. And we’re born leaders. We are absolutely called to lead. So that’s a separate I can possibly make them but combined. So people who have both these traits, these are the people I work with. There tends to be this feeling this kind of knowing and these are this is from the research that I’ve done with 33. I’ve interviewed 33 People with both these traits, and they tend to feel like they have a hint of bipolar. Like this. This is this feeling of there’s two very, very opposing systems inside of me. One, it feels like I want to go and I want to do and I want to explore and I want to take risks. And the other one is very much kind of like I’m just going to sit and consider this. I’m going to take it all in and then I’m going to act right so this is the the HSS behavioural activation system. And the high sensory trait is the people inhibition system. So it’s the kind of person check, but nevertheless, it feels like that there are two it can feel like a bit of like an internal war going on. And it’s very very apparent when you’re out wanting to do and be with lots and lots of people and do really hardcore things. Because it’s a thrill. You’re gonna want to take risks, but then you’re exposing yourself and your skin’s getting thinner and thinner. Because you’re exposing yourself to more and more people, and then you have to retreat, but then the retreat retreating if you take too long treating your spark goes out. So it’s kind of like this vicious cycle unless you know how to work with these traits. But it makes us amazing healers because we love complexity and we love taking risk. And this especially when we’re a bit older, we love working through our edges and diving deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper. You see because of the risk taking the high sensation seeking and the depth and the complexity of the inner landscape with the high sensory. What happens is this amazing, beautiful combination, where we’re able to take risks and at such depth and we are relentless. We are absolutely relentless in pursuing our healing you’re probably one of the bravest people you know. You take huge, huge risks, but you have such hearts and I have both of these traits in abundance. And I think it’s it’s not just the fact that I’ve got these traits. It’s the fact that I fall in love with people who have these traits, because they are heart centred, heart driven, risk taking, pioneering rebellious leaders. I mean, what’s not to love about that?And actually a point of purchase to just appoint one does not dilute the other, right you can have both in absolute abundance. This is what I have. And I know the beauties of it and I also know how torturous it can be if you don’t work with these traits, right, so, so what do people have been saying about these traits? Until now? Well, yeah, people have been saying that actually. We’re kind of tortured souls. And somehow we need to somehow just manage these traits as best we can to create some kind of illusionary balance. And Elaine Aaron, talked about this. This even this this marriage which I came across. Also, in my research, one seems to combine one seems to amplify the other. And that’s the best we’ve got so far, in terms of seeing the qualities of these of these traits, but people do also mention that there’s a grieving process grieving what you can’t do. You can’t have in terms of limits. You could only go out for so long, and then you have to retreat. Whereas I want to start an entirely new conversation. Because when you work with these traits, the shadow level and also with an embodiment level. It becomes less about these two individual traits and it becomes more about a merging and merging an amplifying. And it becomes less about these two traits and more about a process and a journey into consciousness. And I believe we have the golden tickets to living a fully self actualized life. Because we have the determination. We have the ferociousness, we have the forensic nurse, we have the depth and we have the risk taking and this is everything you need to be a leader, a leader with heart these two traits are very, very different. It’s the foundation of our of our existence, right so you look at an organism without without a nervous system that is just it’s just a blob, right? And it instinctively knows when it’s seeking something and when it’s it’s moving away from something right. So piece of very, very essence of our existence. And Elaine Aaron talks about the fact that people with high sensory traits, you know, we were seen when we were in tribes who were seen as leaders, people who held Council, people who were able to sense danger or for miles and miles away, people who are able to find resources, right. That high sensation seeking trait is also just as valuable. In fact, it was called it’s called the Wonder call it the wildness gene. Right. So if it wasn’t for the high sensation seeking traits, I mean, we have this it’s all it’s all on a continuum, right? But people who have these traits it’s like it’s we have it in abundance. Okay. But it’s this. It’s this curiosity. So 1000s of years ago, when we run out of food, or we, we didn’t have any meat to make with, we would go out and we would seek and it’s this kind of yearning to explore. So could it be the reason why we owe the successful human race that we are today? Because of this wanderlust gene? Yes, so underplayed this high sensation CPU trade, and we we make up 6% of the of the population. So that’s not an insignificant number. It’s 477 million of us on the planet. And that is enough to create a critical mass the tipping point. And I’m just thinking, imagine if we all galvanised ourselves, who are high sensation seeking high sensory people. Imagine imagine. I imagine what that would do for the world. Imagine what that would do for the planet. This is why I’ve worked with people with both of these traits. So if any of this has resonated with you, get in touch.

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